Friday, 19 April 2013

My Reflection for Term 1

Walt: reflect on my learning.

During this term I think I did good in my reading comprehension and my Maths test. I think that if I work harder on my subjects I will get much more higher results.

In the reading test I got 3P. My strengths in reading comprehension is knowing different languages poetry and in figurative speeches, to discuss and to identify different part of speech and to predict possible outcomes.   I need to work harder on finding the main ideas of stories and read for understanding.Next term I will try to do my best at reading. I hope to be above the National Standards.

My level in Number and Measurement was a 3B. I think that I didn’t do well in my Number and Measurement. I did well in  to explain the meaning and powers of whole numbers and  using mathematical symbols. I need help with  patterns and  rules. To use a story to solve problems with a combination. Next term I plan to do my homework.

My level in Geometry and Statistics is 3P. I’m a little surprised that I have that result. My strengths in geometry and statistics are to describe the features of 2D and 3D objects using the language of geometry. I need to improve the explanation of the reflection or rotational symmetry of an object and to predict likelihood of outcomes based on set of observations. If I catch up on my attendance I will get a fantastic result. Next term I will try to set my goals and I will do better in my Geometry and Statistics. I should work harder so I can be above the  the National standards.

My goal for Term 2 is to understand difficult words in Reading. To know the Numbering and the Measurements in word problems and to learn Geometry and Statistics in my maths. I promise to keep the National Standards in mind during the holidays.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Toy Technology

Walt: make a toy.

This term we were learning about mechanism. Early this week I had to think of a toy and I had to make my toy with the remaining stuff in the classroom. My toy was a toy that will make a dangling thing go up and down while I’m pulling the string attached to it. I had to make a toy because it was part of my topic study. It was really easy for me to get the material because I used the remaining stuff that people had not used. So that was really easy. The  trickiest thing with my toy was planning it and putting it together.

I think that I needed more help with  the wheels  because it kept on bending and it always ripped. When I was done with my toy I looked at it, and wondered if it needed more adjustments. I finally finished my toy, I waited for it to dry out and then I placed it in the library. When I placed it in the library I saw the other toys. I thought they were stunning. I thought to myself that it was going to break.

The next day Mr. Hendricks had to judge our toys. When he was judging our toys we were doing our writing. He walked in our class. He was talking about how great our ideas were. Mr. told us that Trey and Devon made a toy that was already made before. Mr. Hendricks was explaining the way we had made them and how we used the toys. He gave us comments and he finally told us who were the top three Matthew, Britney and Mikayla. We were all shocked to know that it was us. To me my toy was unique. In my toy I used wheels, axles and  pulleys.

I.C.T. Technology

Walt: use Photoshop.

On Mondays the year 7’s went to Tamaki College for a class in the ICT room. Our teacher Mrs. Anderson taught us how to use a program called Photoshop on the computer. She told us step by step how to drag an images, delete layers and to lower the opacity button. She gave us the steps that we needs to follow.

Step 1: GO on Google Chrome and look for an image that your passions are.

Step 2: Drag your image onto the desktop.

Step 3: Go on Photoshop and open up your photo that you have dragged onto the desktop.

Step 4: Go down to the corners copy your layer. Delete the first layer copy the layer that has been copied and click on layer 1.

Step 5: Drop the eye on the layer that has been copied. Click on the middle layer and turn th opacity button down to 80%.

Step 6: Colour in your image and then save it on your Google docs.

Friday, 12 April 2013

My Spaceship

Walt: to integrate art and topic.

My Spaceship

Why I chose my toy? I chose my toy Spaceship because it was easier to do the body and to the the patterns. The thing that was hard for me was to get the background and the face face of the child playing with the toy.

For our research we had to look up New Zealand animals on the internet and we had to choose an easy and simple toy. We followed steps from the computer and we had to sketch a background. The week later we had to paint in our background. Later on we had to finish of our work and we had to let it dry out.

The part I enjoyed was to pick what toy you want. That was the part that I enjoyed.
The next thing I want to know is that why Mr. Ramkolowan is a fine artist.

Fun, Innovative and Caring School

Walt: write in paragraphs.

Glen Innes School is an educational school and it has friendly teachers that will help you with anything. This school is the right school for any children to learn.

For me, Glen Innes School is the most caring school ever. I know that because I have been here for six years. I have stayed at this school since I was year one to now. I love all of the teachers and I see them everywhere in Glen Innes. My favourite teacher would have to be Mr Ramkolowan because he is always there when I am down. If someone gets hurt or has an accident Miss Mary will spend her time fixing them up.  I think that our school is very caring.

My school is really fun because we have the most funniest teachers and children. Our school is really fun because we have activities that are motivational and funny. Our school is fun because we have a swimming pool of our own. We have a show that is called GI has talent and last of all we have a day that is really important to us, Race Relations Day. So that is why we have the most fun school ever.

Glen Innes School is very original and innovative . We have netbooks that help us with our education. We have new ideas every day and we always think of good ways to act. The year 7’s and 8’s are planning to have a Sports Camp in September. There was a very fun day when Room 11 had made a toy and it had to roll, but the thing is that it didn’t roll that far, so the next week Blade had figured out a very good idea. It was to use the blow dryer, but the wind was too hard and it wouldn’t work.

The children at Glen Innes School has been taught a really important thing about life. Picking up rubbish and caring about the environment. We have a worm farm that we own. We recycle, reuse and we feed the worms. At school Mr. Naidoo has the job of looking after the worm farm and he makes sure that they produce worm tea for our gardens. All the classes have a garden that we look after and we plant seeds to grow more vegetables.

So to me I think that Glen Innes School is the most Caring, Funny and Innovative School ever.