Friday, 16 November 2012

Sharing is Caring

Walt: learn, create, share.

Early this week I did a power point for Room 1 and 2. My power point was based on animal features. What I did was take photos and turn it into a book. The thing that was hard for me was trying to get the kids attention. I think they were looking at Alisi’s power point. The kids loved it when they were holding my net book. Poiva and I were reading the power point together.  The fun part was when Poiva and I had to guess what animal we were talking about.  I wish that I could show other people in the world my power point and read it to them.

Friday, 9 November 2012

A scary start

Walt: write a story in sequence.

One misty dawn morning Jelsma was full of fright. He told his friend Tan-Charlie that he was pusillanimous. He felt like disgorging in the bathroom.

After a little while Mikayla had told Jelsma to be calm and relaxed. That when he finishes his spectacular jump Mikayla will buy him anything. Jelsma was so scared that he said he had huge eels sloping in his stomach. Mikayla felt sorry. Tan-Charlie told Jelsma that is was going to be okay only if he follows the instructions right.

Mary asked if Jelsma was ready to jump. “There is no time to talk you have to jump now” Jalal said. “You are going to be alright” said Tan-Charlie. Jelsma was ready to jump, but he told Jalal that he was filled with extreme fear and was shivering. That was a huge problem for Jelsma. But luckily Tan-Charlie and Mikayla was always encouraging him no matter what.

So Jelsma wiped his face and slapped himself clean. He was not scared any more, because we all encouraged him. Off went Jelsma as he flew with excitement. He felt like he already finished his jump. Jelsma was almost at the finish point until he pulled a string to let his parachute free. But suddenly he landed in some spice country.

Suddenly Jelsma smelt and saw spices. He thought he was in South Africa until he saw this sign saying “Welcome to South Africa”. Jelsma thought it was a nightmare until he woke up. It was all a dream he said to his self. “Oh no, it’s my jump today” screamed Jelsma.

The theme of this story is to never give up and to always give it a try.