Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rounding Decimals

rounding off.png

Walt: solve problems in multiplication and division that has decimals.

In this I am rounding numbers of to the nearest 1. At first it was confusing then I looked at what Chloe was doing and then straight away, I knew what I had to do. In this game I had a score of 7 out of 10. When I revisit this site, I will try and get 10 out of 10. Next I would like to learn how to multiply decimals.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Tooth Traditions Around the World!

Walt: look for information.

Around the world many countries do peculiar things with their teeth. Like throwing it on their roof, throwing it at the sun and many more things. To me I think that is very very silly. Only because our teeth is very important.

In Botswana children throw their teeth on their house roof. When they have done that, they ask the moon to give them a new tooth. I thought that was really weird, because who would want to throw their pearly whites on their roof. I guess that’s just a tradition.

This tooth tradition is really interesting, because it’s involving birds. Children in in Brazil, throw their teeth outside and ask the birds to give them another tooth. The birds would only give them a new tooth if it has no cavities.

china.pngChildren in China put their upper teeth by the foot of their bed and the lower teeth on the roof. This is hoped that their permanent teeth will grow in faster. This is a really wonderful tradition because it’s different to all other traditions.  

I thought this was strange. Only because it involves a rat. Colombian children put their teeth under their pillows and a rat named El Raton Miguelito takes their tooth and replaces it with money. To be very honest but who would want to leave their tooth in the hands of a rat.

india.pngSome kids in India throw their teeth on the roof and asks a sparrow to bring a new tooth. Other children in India throw their teeth at the sun. Hoping for a bright adult tooth in return. It would be pretty awesome asking a sparrow for a new tooth. Do you know how small a sparrow is?

The parents of children in Turkey believe that their child’s lost tooth holds within it their future. If they want their child to become a great soccer player, they would bury it in a soccer field. If they wanted to their child to go to a dental school, then they would be bury it around a dental school. No offence, but who would want their child to go to a dental school.  

sri lanka.pngSri Lankan kids stand outside of their house, close their eyes and say, “Squirrel, Squirrel, take this tooth, and give me a new one.” Then they throw it on their roof and enters their house. Then, once they enter they open their eyes.

This is a really cool tradition that Swedish children do. Swedish children put their tooth in a glass of water. The next morning the tooth would put replaced with a gold coin in the glass of water.

korea.pngChildren in Korea throw their teeth on the roof of their house and sings, “Blackbird, blackbird, my old tooth I give to you. Bring me a new one.” I thought that was really unique, because other countries throw their teeth on the roof or at the sun and other things. But Korea sings a song and that is really cool.  

Many strange traditions are around the world. Once I heard countries do these kinds of things with their teeth I laughed, because I thought they were lying. But it ended up as the truth.

Drag and Drop

Walt: work out divisible tests.

In this game I am using the strategy of standard algorithm. This problem was easy for me because I have done this many times. So I as I said this was easy for me. Next I would like to learn how to multiply decimals. 

Reflections - Basic Facts

May 14, 2014 9:35:59 AM.jpgThe things I did well in my basic facts assessment were fractions, decimals and percentages. My division facts, square numbers, square root, my LCM, my symbols of < > = and my prime numbers. I got all my HCF wrong, so that means I need to improve on that, also I had most wrong in my rules of divisibility. In my overall score I had a result of 678. To improve more on this I could spend 30 minutes on the things I need to work on with my older brothers or my mum. I could take some work sheets home and do it for homework. In my next basic facts I would want to get 100%.

Monday, 26 May 2014

The Author's Purpose - The Mobile Garden


The author wrote this for a reason.  Remember “PIE”

The author is trying to …

The author is trying to …
The author is trying to …
I know because …
The Sultan of Delhi is trying to persuade King Krishna Deva Raya to give him his fresh vegetables.
I know because …
The story is set in India. I learnt a name of a town in India.
I know because …
Apaji had a clever idea to get money from the Sultan and the king of Vijayanagar.
If he doesn’t give him the vegetables in 30 days, the sultan would attack King Krishna Deva Raya’s kingdom.
Some words in the story sound like Indian words. Also the pictures look Indian. There clothes are very colourful.
Apaji had clever ideas to get money.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


number 2.pngWalt: explain the author’s purpose.

In this game I have to find the author’s purpose. So basically I have to find out which one is the the correct answer. At first this was challenging, because there were some questions that I didn’t understand. To be honest, the ones that I found hard I guessed, and it turned out to be right. Next I would like to learn more about the author’s purpose.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dental Technicians

In room 11, we had done this activity were we had to build an image of teeth, made out of apples and marshmallows. Doing this activity was really fun to do, I had done it with Claudia and Arihi. After we had finished, we wanted to eat the whole thing. So we decided to share, our teeth. It was delicious!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Teeth - Poem

Walt: write a poem.

The enamel part will protect our teeth,
It’s so shiny the birds will tweet.
Using a hard brush would damage the enamel,
So we’ll have teeth like a camel.
Nerves would send messages to our brain,
Just look it up, I don’t wanna explain.
Gums protect the teeth and jaw bone,
It’s just as important as our birthday stone.
Bones provides sockets for the root,
Of our amazing white tooth.
Roots hold teeth in place,
Brush your teeth, in a nice medium pace.
Brush and brush until you get it right,
Take care of your precious pearly whites.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Netball Girls

Our very first game this year, our netball girls wore their very first netball uniform.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Author's Purpose

hello.pngWalt: explain the author’s purpose.

In this game, it was challenging and easy. Some questions I answered wrong and some I answered right. I am playing a game to find out what the author’s purpose is. At the start I didn’t get until I got that hang of it. It tells you what the purpose of the sentence or paragraph is. In the picture I got the answer wrong, so the correct answer was A - to inform or tech. Next I would like to learn more about the author’s purpose.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Drawing Techniques

Screenshot from 2014-05-13 14:18:46.png

The Two Farmers

two farmers.pngWalt: ask questions to get the meaning.

In this game I have to try and answer questions about two farmers. After reading the story I had to answer some questions. Some were difficult and some were easy. When answering the questions I didn’t know if it was wrong or not. Until I got to the end, it showed me how much were wrong and how much were right. When I read the story, it was quite funny. There was a loving farmer and there was a cruel farmer.

Monday, 12 May 2014

We need mouth guards when playing sports

Walt: write a persuasive speech.

Mouthguards are flexible devices made out of soft plastic, that is used for our mouths. Mouthguards help protect our teeth, which is very important. In some sports using mouthguards are optional, but in aggressive sports is it mandatory, which means we have no choice. Therefore I think we should wear have our mouthguard with us, when playing sports. To support this, here are 3 reasons why we need mouth guards when playing sports.

Using a mouth guard will prevent injuries. Wearing a mouth guard helps chips, cracks, and knockouts from happening. Mouth guards support your teeth in hard, aggressive sports. Athletes who don’t have the time to wear a mouthguard, are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth. This is especially important for children who wear braces.

The cost doesn’t matter when it comes to buying a mouth guard. The cost of buying a mouth would only be $5 - $25, but when it comes to paying an injury bill it would cost $200 or more. That is a waste of money, you could probably spend $200 on food for the family. Buying a mouth guard doesn’t take that much time, but when dealing with an injury, it takes up the time that is needed. So remember, buying a mouth will only take a few minutes and a few dollars.

We should always wear a mouthguard when training or when playing sports. The reason for that is to stop the possibility of contact to the face. Wearing a mouthguard is just as important as having the correct shoes, the correct gear, and the correct equipment. So people who are playing sports all the time should always carry their mouth guard with them.

Naturally I feel that we everyone should have a mouthguard when playing sports. It keeps their teeth protected, and no one would have missing teeth.

Friday, 9 May 2014


zombie prom.png
Walt: Revise multiplication tables and the related division facts.

In this game I am practising my division. Here I have to find out what the quotient is of 18 and 6. The strategy I used was to find the product of 6 and 3, which is 18. So that is how I solved my problem. This game was really easy for me to do, because I know my multiplication and division. Next I would like to learn how to use efficient mathematical ways to solve a problem.