Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Visit To St Pius X

Dear Mrs Moodley

Thank you very much for letting Room 11 come to St Pius, so your class can teach us some ukulele tunes. Room 11 really appreciates what you did for us. I think your class should teach Glen Innes School the ukulele. For some reasons I thought it was going to boring, but since I saw Daisure it was really inspiring. After we came back I still had the vibe in me, so it was hard to get it out of my head. Well anyway Room would love to come to your class next year. I hope your class can give us some lessons.

( P.S Ask Mrs Ramkolowan if you want to come to our concert. )

Yours sincerely


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

At the beginning of Term 2 I felt really excited when I was getting my netbook. The netbook has been very handy to me because we can play on the internet. The netbook encourages me to learn more because it lets me learn from my mistakes.

The netbook is like having $10.00 each day to me. Having the netbook for the first term is was really scary because I was afraid if someone will drop it. But now I'm getting use to my netbook. The netbook is more easier to type with instead of writing and rubbing out and sharpening your pencil. It is more easier for me to understand.

The annoying stuff about my netbook is the wireless connection. Even though you click the wireless button a thousand times it still won't work, so that is really annoying. On my netbook there is a distraction, it's the games and the YouTube. Some people were off task because their netbook was a distraction. Room11 always wanted to play on their netbook, because they wanted to play on games or listen to music. To me I thought it was an addiction.

The most interesting thing about my netbook is that you get to chat to your friends. The netbook has been an interesting gadget because we can type, we can search and we can talk to our friends. But the most interest thing about my netbook is we can Learn, Create, Share. I love my netbook more than family. My netbook is the most interesting thing that I ever had.

My goals that I need to earn next year is to take care of my netbook and to figure out things myself.