Friday, 25 October 2013

Kings and Queens

This game was really hard at first, but after a few rounds I got the hang of it. Here we have 14 kings and 6 queens. So that adds up to 20. All you do is get a king and queen from a deck of cards. Shuffle it behind your back. Then put it in front of you and flip the top card. Then you record it. You only record it 20 times.

Marae Visit - Video

Here Room 11 are taking photos and videos. We are posing with the minister of Health, Tony Ryall. We are hoping to get the message about sore throats.

I was sure I heard the sound of...

Walt: 1. write a narrative.
        2. use an impact beginning.

I was sure I heard the sound of something scream in a horrible voice. So Autymn and I ran outside to see what had happened. We searched everywhere, in the backyard, the rooms and under our beds. Still we didn’t find what we were looking for. Autymn had an idea. “Look in the shed,” Autymn suggested. So I looked, while Autymn followed behind. The shed was open, so I looked at Autymn with a terrifying face. She gave me the evils and looked down.

The moment she looked down, she ran inside and cried. So I looked down as well and saw my only cat (Scratch) lying on the ground. It was really sad, so I went into the room and cried with my sister.

“We have to get Scratch” cried Autymn. So we wiped our faces and went outside. Only a few more steps until we reach Scratch. We were terrified, it was like we were watching a scary movie. We looked at Scratch, she lied on the ground with her body shaking. Autymn and I had no clue, what had happened. So we went to our mum.

While walking to our mum we saw a black cat walking down our driveway very slow. He had received a fright, from us walking. We went to our mum, she was nowhere to be seen. Autymn started to cry again. I got annoyed from her crying. So I slapped her in the faced and told her to get over it. Out of nowhere a man came to our front door and asked if our cat was alright. Autymn fainted. “No good” I thought to myself. It was a big shock to hear that. So I went to shed with the man and showed him. Scratch is very sick, she may die.

I was sad but shocked at the same time. Also very unhappy. I couldn't believe it at that very moment. So I picked Scratch and took her inside. Autymn was still lying on the floor. I kicked her leg to see if she was still alive. After that kick she got up and said “my leg is sore.” She made space and got out of the way. I laid Scratch down and prayed. Out of nowhere tears fell from Scratch’s eyes. Autymn started to cry again. I got annoyed again and slapped in the face.

The man that came went home. I tried my very best to look after Scratch and Autymn. So I went into the my room and took a rest. After waking up I went back into the lounge and saw my cat lying there looking sad and weak. So I went to Scratch and held her in my arms.

Theme: Y.O.L.O Scratch.

Visit to Ruapotaka Marae

Here the minister of health is getting his throat checked. The nurse is getting ready for the swab. Room 11 went to Ruapotaka  Marae.

The Fire

Walt: write a narrative.

Looking at my friends and sister while they are swimming, I wonder to myself if a fire will ever start at a beach. So I called out to Autymn and asked her. She tried to ignore me, so I chased after her. Autymn fell over, so I decided to sit on her. “Do you think a fire would start” I asked her. Again she ignored me. Clear, Tainah and Claudia looked at us and laughed. I asked Autymn again, while Clear was holding a bucket full of salty water. She through it on me and laughed. “Hahahahahah” joined Claudia and Tainah. Autymn and I got up and grabbed the other buckets and filled them up with salt water.

As we were filling the buckets up a group of teenagers walked passed us, out of nowhere they poked the fingers. The buckets were full, so Autymn and I looked at each other and smiled. While smiling we through the water at them. “Don’t mess with us” Clear said. We all laughed and laughed. All of us couldn't believe what we did. So we returned back to our places and laid there. Tainah took out her lunch and ate it, she didn’t bother to share. Even though it was supposed to be a shared lunch.

I shared my thought about a fire starting with the girls. They all wondered while I was talking. “What do you think we should do if it really happens” asked Claudia. “Eat” said Tainah. The girls started to laugh. We all laughed and went for a swim. While running to the water, I saw two guys smoking. They looked drunk as well. They acted really stupid. So I carried on acting like I saw nothing but the water. Walking into the water I swam to Clear. “Yolo” roared Clear. I kept my eyes on the guys, one guy coughed and the other through his smoke onto the grass.

I couldn't believe it but smoke appeared minutes later. I told the girls. Fire bursted out of the grass. Everyone looked up and saw the raging fire. No one could believe it, they screamed while Tainah was still eating. I was the only one that knew who started the fire. Claudia tried thinking what we should do. Out of nowhere Autymn told us to grab the buckets we brought and to fill it up with water. So we raced to Tainah and told her to help us. We grabbed buckets and filled them up. We raced to the fire and tried taking it out. One by one we followed putting water on the fire.

3 minutes later Autymn had the final bucket, she poured it on the fire. It went out and it ended. Everyone clapped and cheered for us. We cried and cheered with them. Supporting ourselves as we went back to our places. Perspiring from running back and forth while we walked back. We were pleased that we saved the grass from burning. “My mum will be proud of me” everyone said at the same time. We are laughed and laughed. It was the best day we could have. On that day we were heroes.

Theme: Don’t Smoke.

Friday, 18 October 2013


This is us at Sports Camp playing basket ball and having a lot of fun.

Photos and Sentences

We are getting ready to eat, while Glen Innes School take photos.

Aiming for the target and trying there best to get it.

Having a laugh while Indoor soccer is playing.

Vision of my Future

Chant Competition

Walt: write a narrative.

“Undaleh undaleh we are G.I G.I oh, what’s happening now. Undaleh undaleh we are G.I G.I oh, what’s happening now” Glen Innes School screamed while walked into the auditorium. Who, United, Bethlehem College and Omokoroa stayed quiet. It was like they were rocks. Only one school carried on cheering and chanting. Glen Innes looked to the left of our school, there we saw Weymouth. The children of Weymouth were screaming and screaming. All of a sudden we had puzzled faces. Looking at each other funny and weird. Looking at them we chanted “I said Burn, it’s hot in here. It must G.I coming first this year, I said Burn, it’s hot in here. It must G.I coming first this year.”

Weymouth and their teachers asked if we wanted to have a chant challenge. We accepted that challenge, 5 seconds later Weymouth started the challenge off. They started it off with the chant “any competition, is the real competition, but the real competition’s Weymouth..U No.” After saying that chant Weymouth looked strong, scary and tough. That was the sign of us keeping calm and to carry on with our chants. “When I say Glen, you say Innes, Glen Innes, Glen Innes. When I say East, you say Side, East Side, East Side.” Weymouth looked at us and gave us the evils. So we gave the evils back.

Out of nowhere they started to chant “I said wow, it’s cool in here, it must be Weymouth in the whare this year, I said wow, it’s cool in here, it must be Weymouth in the whare this year.” They looked at us and said, U no. We started to freak out and wondered what chant we should sing. “Who are, who are who are we, G.I.G.I, who are, who are who are we, G.I.G.I, where we from, East Side.” When Weymouth looked at us they looked scared. It looked like they wanted to give up on us. So we repeated all the chants over and over until they gave up. Glen Innes chanted the last chant “We are the guys from the East Side ah ha ah ha, we are the guys from the East Side ah ha ah ha.” Weymouth gave up and wanted to be our friends.

We looked at them and ran to them. Everyone hugged them while the teachers from our school were introduced themselves to Weymouth teachers. On Thursday night Weymouth and Glen Innes girls came together and played and talked. It was the coolest day ever. U NO!

The theme of this story is to never ask for a competition when you know you are going to lose.