Sunday, 30 June 2013


Walt: be creative.

On Tuesday the 25th in 2012 Glen Innes school had a Netball inter-school. The people who made it  we're very excited. They could not wait until that day. A week went past and the inter school day was getting closer and closer. The teacher that was taking control of the Netball inter school had emailed us. A teacher from Glen Innes school was ready and said to be organised until that day had come. We were already organised and trained.

Two more days until the inter schools came. Those two days came and Glen Innes school hurried to the AMI Netball courts. They were singing and screaming all the way to court 24. The school founded out that they were challenging St Mary’s school. We all knew we were going to beat them because they looked untrained and unorganised. We stared at them with laughter. Looking like they were going to lose straight away. The buzzer went off and it was time to play Netball.

St Mary’s school looked real scared and ashamed. Looking at them with my friends. Just like that the ball went through the hoop in a. amount of time. St Mary girls faces were sweating and red. Our faces were as calmed and relaxed. That was when I felt really sorry for them. The ball was in the circle again. GS went to go for the ball and landed right on her ankle. She had dislocated it. There were no more subs to take her place.

Some girls went rushing over to her with fear on their faces. The others had frozen faces. Standing still. The teachers were terrified. The GD from St Mary’s went rushing over to GS to see if she was alright. The medic had came and took GS away from us. We were all concerned looking at the medic. GS told GA to shoot like a Netball player. She looked at us with a smile on her face. Time was almost up and GA had to shoot as good as possible for us to win the game.

Two seconds left and we had got the last goal. We had won the game. We all had smiles on our faces. GS came to court 24 with a huge smile on her face. We all ran to her hugged her. It was the best day ever.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Area and Perimeter

Walt: calculate area and perimeter.

This game is all about finding the area of the rectangle shape. This game for me is really simple and easy. It is easy for me because all you have to do is multiply the 2 numbers. That is really simple. I would really like Mrs Ramkolowan to give me more questions on area and perimeter. So I can get the hang of it and to achieve this stage of maths.

A day an artist in Ancient Egypt

Walt: write in correct paragraphs.

I am an artist in Ancient Egypt and I do art on tombs and walls. I love being an artist because my skills of art are really good.  I love being an artist because people can see that I am very skillful in art and they can see what the Egyptians are doing in everyday life. When you are an artist you need to know a lot of symbols.

The art of Ancient Egypt is part of life and what was going on in those days.  Egyptian artist carved and drew on tomb walls with religious images and text. It was to bless the dead on their journeys through the afterlife. The paintings and carvings on temples were apart of religious worship.

The art of Ancient Egypt was a visual story. It was for the viewer of something that had been done. The message could range from a religious tract of the story of their gods, a pharaoh honoring the gods, or the glorification of a person’s lifetime. Scene also depicted everyday life. When people are drawing they are giving information on what happens in life.

I never had  much money. I was not paid  money I am paid  food, most of the time. I trade very special things that belonged to me. Like farms and sharing ideas. I do a lot of trading so I can get wheat, food, beer and houses from the rich one and the kings.

My art is carved on stone. For the carvings I use copper chisel and stone hammers. To paint symbols I mixed pigments from berries, animal fat, ash and various minerals. Depending on what colour I would like to have.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Jump Rope

Walt: write a report.

A week ago, Glen Innes School had Jump Rope for Heart at their school hall. Friday was the big show.The whole school performed a really lovely display of skipping.  Glen Innes School were practising, performing and doing a great job at jump rope. The school did jump rope for heart because they were practising the show for the Glen Innes Centre and to be fit and healthy. One of the most fantastic items was Room 11.  

When the school got to the hall, the kids looked very nervous and especially excited to perform their routines with the teachers help. The kids were excellent at their performance, but one or two people were still getting a hang of it. The children were energetic and had wonderful skills in skipping. Following the classes routines, were fantastic. It was like the whole school were crazy at skipping. Well anyway the school  was amazing at their routines and how they presented it.

The  music chosen for the  routines was fantastic. Some songs were a perfect match to the classes routines. Almost all the time kids would sing each song that was playing. The most popular song that was played was Gentleman, that song was playing to Room 12’s routine. Room 11’s remix was a fast motion, that was really good because they did some fast skipping. The thing was is that some songs were slow and that would mean that the kids would have to skip slowly. That was a real thing that came to me. Anyway the songs were fantastic and it had a real beat to the skipping.

Parents were fantastic as well. They were cheering on their children and they were being an amazing audience. When Mr. Naidoo called them on to the dance they came rushing down to their kids. They were just a grateful audience.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mum Stepped...

Walt: to use better words.

Mom stepped in the hospital with my brother, sisters and I following her. It was going on 8.30 pm on a Saturday night. It all started when we had received a call from a nurse at the hospital. It was about my uncle playing up and wanting to get out. He was as naughty as a cheeky girl. After we had got the call we rushed to the hospital as fast as we could.

We had arrived and got to the hospital in time. The five of us bounced out of the car and rushed to my uncle’s ward. While we were on our way to the elevator I recognized tears dripping from my mom's face. I wrapped my arms around her and wiped her tears. We were almost there with fear in our bodies. It was really challenging to go to my uncle’s room. As I was walking I witnessed people in pain and children crying for their mom’s.

We were almost their. Walking really slow with watery eyes. Until we all heard my uncle. Now we all ran to his room in the hospital. Looking at each other with a terrible face. We were all going to cry as soon as possible. The five of us couldn’t believe it. Just a couple of steps and we were at my uncle’s room. Terrifying looks. Frozen bodies. Puzzled faces. We all saw our uncle while he was dozing off to sleep. Not recognizing who he saw in front of him.

My mom looked at him and said “what’s going on”. My uncle didn't respond until another 10 minutes. The nurses walked in and said it was time for him to enter the operation room. None of us knew he was going to have an operation. That was the right time for us to cry. Suddenly, out of nowhere my uncle woke up and said “where am I going”. We all said nowhere, so he relaxed and dozed off to sleep again. Then the nurses wheeled him out on his bed. We were all bored so we entered into the waiting room. 3 hours went past our minds and we started to get a little worried.

My brother had noticed my uncle go past with doctors and nurses surrounding him. We all went out of the waiting room and followed him. “Where is my family” howled my uncle. “There behind you Ray” a doctor whispered to him. My uncle started laughing like a crazy clown. When we got to his room, he asked for my Nana that died. Then he asked for my uncle that also died. We all had puzzled faces. Then finally a nurse walked in and said he will be alright now. “You guys can go home and have your big rest”.

We were going home after we had said our prayers with him. All of us said goodnight to my uncle and went out of his room. Walking really slow while he is going to bed. Looking at him to see if he will cope with us gone. Then we got to the elevator and waited. We went to the main floor and went to the car. Wailing goodnight to my uncle. As we bounced in the car and went home. Everyone was quiet while we bounced out of the car. There was peace and quiet in our big home.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Subtracting Decimals

Walt: revisit problems involving fractions,decimals and percentages. 

In this game it is really simple for me. It is simple for me because all you are doing is subtracting. It is just like adding your decimals but you are subtracting. The easy part for me was to subtract the decimal. The challenging part was really nothing, because I got them all right. I would really like to improve my adding decimals. So I would love Mrs Ramkolowan to give me more questions on adding decimals. That would be great.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Report - Ancient Egypt

Mikayla Kanuta William
Walt: write an information report.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is located in North-eastern Africa by the river Nile. Ancient Egyptians invented things that we are using today, like keys and locks. The climate in Ancient Egypt is very dry and hot. The land in Egypt is 90 percent desert. The Ancient Egyptians also traded their cultures like Ancient Greece and Rome.

The Nile River

The Nile river is a river that flows in the middle of Ancient Egypt. The Nile river is so important Ancient Egyptians because the main part of Egypt is desert and the only the only water place is the Nile River. Most people line next to the Nile River. The Nile river is named after a Greek word named Nelios. The length of the Nile river is 6695 km.


Humans have been building pyramid structures for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian pyramids are most well known in Ancient Egypt. Over 130 pyramids have been discovered in Ancient Egypt. The pyramid of Giza is the most largest and oldest pyramid in the Giza Necropolis. Nearly all the pyramids of Egypt are located in the west part of the Nile River.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Basic Facts Assessment

Walt: reflect on my basic - facts assessment.

My mark for basic facts is a total of 44 stage 6 . That means I made it through the next stage, which is stage 7. The part that was very easy was to arrange numbers from big to small, addition, subtraction, was to write down a number. For example: four hundred and seventy multiplication and division. I got those questions really fast. My weakness two thousand one hundred and six. That was really hard for me and the other part was to put < = > symbol in the right place. I am aiming to work on the challenging parts and to have more confidence in doing the kind of work that is difficult.

Friday, 14 June 2013


Walt: write an information report.

In Ancient Egypt, Egyptians always mummified the people who had died . The Ancient Egyptians removed organs such as the brain but not the heart. They would always salt the body and keep the body to dried. Then they would stuff lots of cloths so that the body can keep it’s shape and to stop it from rotting  away. After the Egyptians would rub oil on the body. After they have rubbed the body with oil they would wrap it up with lots of bandages. The priest supervised. The people believed that the  priest could send the body’s spirit to the next world. Ancient Egyptians used very special instruments to touch the body. The mummies were placed in a case. Some cases were beautifully decorated and some were plain wooden. An important person like a Pharaoh would be placed in a stone coffin.

Friday, 7 June 2013


What is Sphinx?

Sphinx is a winged monster of Thebes. It has a woman’s head and a body of a lion. An ancient Egyptian figure having a lion’s body and a human or an animal’s head. The statue is near the Great Pyramids of Giza.

What is it used for?

The Sphinx is of Egypt is used for tourism. Back in the days it was also used to symbolise powers.

Should Drugs Be Decriminalised?

Walt: write an opinion.

I fervently believe that cannabis should be decriminalized. I'm saying this because I don’t want to see people turning into murderers and criminals. Even though people smoke all kinds of drugs and drink alcohol, it should be illegal and banned. To my opinion I think that people are stupid enough to even think of smoking, take sessions and drinking. I think that if people only drink or smoke twice a month that will be brilliant and awesome at the same time. Drugs and alcohol may be a habit, but you should think and do the right thing for you and everyone else. So what I am saying is that people should smoke and drink less and to think in a positive way. Don’t go through depression and  walk in a negative and narrow path. Smokers, drug dealers, drinkers and criminals should think straight and stop doing what they are addicted to. That is my opinion.


What, I have done here is that I have been doing my division and I have been revising my work from last term. It was really difficult for me because I did not know the what the symbol was, but I got there anyway. I would really like Mrs Ramkolowan to give me more problems on multiplication and division.