Friday, 31 October 2014

Reflections - e asttle maths

In my e asttle test I had a great result. I had a 5b, I was really happy when I heard the great news. That means I have improved a whole lot. My teacher was very very happy with me and my result, and hopefully my family would be too. I did a great job because I was aiming for that kind of result. This result could get me into the school I have always been wanting to go to. But I also have to do good in my writing and reading. Overall, I did a great job and I am really proud of that. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to make fried bread

Walt: write an explanation

Fried bread is a kind of bread that is fried in oil. It is mostly eaten by Maori’s, but other cultures eat it as well. It can be eaten with butter, jam and all kinds of spreads. It also can be dipped in soup water. To learn how to make fried bread here are the things you would need and the things you would have.

Here are the ingredients you would need. Flour, water, salt, baking powder. The things you would need is a bowl and a fork.

Here is the method you would have to do. Add your flour into the bowl, then add your salt and baking powder. Once that is done, stir the ingredients together. Slowly add your water in the dry ingredients and stir. Stir in a fast motion. Once it looks like bread, take the mixture out of the bowl, then knead the dough.

Once you have done roll it out and cut into suitable sizes. Then fry it on both sides. Turn when you see bubbles appearing. Then everything is done. Serve with butter or spreads.