Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Getting ready to hit the ball again. So scared if I'm going to miss the ball. What an embarrassment.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Tessellation Patterns

Today our class did Tessellation. We all had a tessellation pattern for our design. At first I found a pattern and then I chose another one. So it was pretty hard to chose which one. So I looked up ‘tessellation patterns’ and found a triangle design. I thought that this topic was going to be easy, but after cutting, pacing and gluing it was really hard. Drawing on the draft paper was really hard because my hands started to get sore and I started to run out of paper. So I focused on the angles and got it right. In the middle of my design I used to leftover paper to fill in the corners, that came in really handy. In the end I looked at my design and at it came out just like it did on the internet. When I was done I looked around the class and saw all the different patterns and colours.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Finishing Part

Then you take it out. Now this is the tricky part. Place a large plate on top of the pan. Then carefully flip the pan fast. Get it over and done with. Then cut it up and pour the left over juice on top of your Tarte Tartin. Then serve it with some ice cream and some pomegranate to make it look beautiful. There is you apple Tarte tartin.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


After cutting your pastry in a circle you have to place it on top of the pan very carefully. Then get a fork and use the bottom to poke it under the apples. Once you have finished, you put it in the oven for a few minutes on 200 degrees.

Sports Camp eBook

Click on this link to view my eBook.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cooling and Pastry

Then we cooled the apples and flip the apples on the cured part. Mrs Ramkolowan told us how to do it. It was pretty easy to flip the apples. Once it cooled down Mrs Ramkolowan gave us pastry to cut in a perfect circle. Before cutting your pastry in a circle, you need to get a fork and poke random holes in it. Mary wanted to do that.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Cooking the Apples

Once you have finished your apples. Melt your butter on medium heat. Mrs Ramkolowan told to be very careful. We tried our best and we got through the melting part. My group's butter was first to melt. Then she told us to place the apples into the pan. Very carefully Mary put the apples in. Then after that Mrs Lammas told us to to stir and stir until it started to boil...

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cutting Apples

Today Room 11 made a apple Tarte Tartin. Mrs Ramkolowan showed us the process of making the tarte tartin. Mrs Ramkolowan told us to get 4 apples that were cut into halves. Then she told us to peel the skin off and then to cut it into halves again. While we were peeling cutting the apples, Mrs Ramkolowan prepared 50 grams of butter. After doing all of that, Mrs Ramkolowan gave us some soft brown sugar. We sprinkled the brown sugar on the apples and then sprinkled some lemon juice. After that we.....

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weighing it Up

Walt: solve problems in measurements

In this game, I was learning units of mass. I tried to play this game earlier in the week, but I didn’t get it. I tried it again later on, in the week and I found  it easier. Here I am learning what the correct two units. For this one it is grams and kilogram. I hope Mrs Ramkolowan can tell more about this.

Elephant vs Crocodile

Friday, 8 November 2013


Walt: 1. write a narrative.
        2. use words to paint a picture.
        3. use your senses.

Deciding what kind of fireworks we should buy. Looking at the prices and logos. Picking very carefully. My mum didn’t know which ones to choose.
“I don’t know which ones I should get!” she screamed. She stood there looking at them. So out of nowhere she snatched randomly. We went to the counter and brought the fireworks. Mum and I went to the car and drove home.

We arrived home and my sister recognised, the sound of the car door slam. We hopped out of the car and we saw Autymn, standing there staring at my mum’s bag.
“Can I look at the fireworks mum?” cried Autymn.
“Just wait, you can look at them once we go instead. So Autymn rushed inside and took mum’s bag with her. Out of nowhere the whole family came into the lounge to see them as well. Woow went on and on for a long time. It mostly came from Autymn.

I started to get annoyed and marched off to my room. I closed my door and turned the television on. I watched it for a long time. It started to get boring and boring. I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to go into the lounge. I turned the television off and went into the lounge. Suddenly, I saw the fireworks in a pile lying on the floor. The colours looked amazing when I looked at it for a while.
“Only 24 hours to go until we light the fireworks, mum” I replied.
“I know” she said back.

It was night time and it was time for the family to rest for another day.
“I can’t wait until tomorrow” I thought to myself as I jumped into my bed. The next morning came and it was pitch black. Water dripping on the window. The room was cold. Suddenly I saw rain pouring.
“That means, no fireworks, tonight.” Autymn cried in a low voice. I didn’t know what she said so I told her to turn the television on. I hopped out of my bed and went outside. There were black clouds, heavy rain turning into hail stones.

“That’s impossible” I told my mum. There was no response. Until 3 seconds later,
“we have to wait until tomorrow” she replied. Hours went past and it was 6.45pm and the rain started to fade away. My mum got all the fireworks ready. She laid in a row. Then it was 7.15 pm and the rain had vanished. My mum called the family outside to see the amazing colours. They all rushed outside. She lite the first one. Colours went everywhere.

We couldn’t believe it. It glowed in the sky. Many colours were exploding as well. Our eyes grew bigger and bigger at the minute. My brothers and sisters couldn't believe it. Even my cat came to check the fireworks. Then more and more blew in the sky. It was the most colourful night I had ever seen. Only 9 more to go until the show was over.

Theme: Always watch the weather when something important to you is about to happen.

Letter to Genesis

Dear Genesis

Thank you for coming to our school and telling us about the choices we should make. We appreciate all the fun things that you guys have done. The part I really enjoyed was when you handed out the lollies to some children. Your guys act has really inspired my friends and I. It looked like the children enjoyed you. At first I thought that the music was really loud, but I started to get use to it. To me it was really weird when I came in. Then I thought you were amazing. The other thing I really enjoyed were the cheese balls. The message that I had received from you was to make the right decisions in life. I will try harder to not bully my twin sister Autymn.

Yours sincerely


Friday, 1 November 2013

Music - Narrative

Walt: 1. write a narrative
        2. write in paragraphs.

Some children from room 11 were practising an item for the next assembly. Tainah, Clearissa, Alisi, Claudia, Crystal and I were the ones that had been chosen. We practised in the music room all week for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Friday came and we were all ready. During morning tea and lunch we all practised to see if we were alright. So we went into the music room and practised. Lunch passed. Claudia and Crystal were the singers. Tainah played the guitar, Clearissa played the violin and I played the piano with the help of Alisi. Claudia and Crystal were preparing their voices while Tainah was tuning out the guitar. Alisi and I practised our notes on the piano.

“Only 15 minutes to go” Mrs Ramkolowan shouted.
“Are you guys shy” asked Claudia, with a low tone.
“Theres no reason to be shy” replied Crystal. So Claudia carried on doing her own thing while the girls cleaned up themselves. 3 minutes left on the clock. I had never felt so alive. Everyone but Claudia had the guts to go up on stage and to perform in front of everyone. Finally we were called up to perform.

We all went up on the stage as group. We went into our positions and got ourselves ready. Tainah began to play the guitar. Then Alisi and I followed in with the piano. Then Clear started to play the violin. 4 seconds later Crystal and Claudia began to sing. No one could here Claudia sing. Crystal couldn't hear Claudia as well.
“I’m too shy” whispered Claudia, in Crystal’s ear.
“I don’t know what to do” Claudia replied in a sad voice.

People were staring at Claudia. They were talking about her and also laughing at her. So she started to get upset. Tainah went over to her and encouraged her to sing. So Tainah hugged Claudia. She started to sing. Then everyone, including the teachers cheered for her. We all carried on playing the instruments. Our item had finished moments later and the singers bowed to their feet. Everyone bounced with excitement. Claudia was brave and happy.

After assembly we all gathered as a group. Mrs Ramkolowan was proud of us, but she was mostly proud of Claudia. All of us hugged and laughed.
“This is the coolest afternoon ever” jumped Claudia.

Theme: Not to be shy.

Poem - Badminton

Walt: write a poem with rhyme.


Looking at my opponent's, on the other side
We try to win all of their pride
My partner serves to the other team
While the audience eat their ice cream.

Trying to play like a team
Out of nowhere they start to scream
We try our best to win our game
They are falling in a lot of shame

Hitting the shuttle, were getting the flow
Only a few more points to go
Now it’s my partners turn to hit
Now it’s time for them to quit

She wack’s the shuttle in their face
Now there praying for eternity grace
We now receive a massive applause
It must of been a gift from Santa Claus

Reflection, Rotation and Translation

In this game is was really challenging at first. I didn’t get what translated means. So I played it a couple of times and got the hang of it. I tried really hard figuring out what one to choose when four shapes came up. I will be sure to get it right the next time.  

Friday, 25 October 2013

Kings and Queens

This game was really hard at first, but after a few rounds I got the hang of it. Here we have 14 kings and 6 queens. So that adds up to 20. All you do is get a king and queen from a deck of cards. Shuffle it behind your back. Then put it in front of you and flip the top card. Then you record it. You only record it 20 times.

Marae Visit - Video

Here Room 11 are taking photos and videos. We are posing with the minister of Health, Tony Ryall. We are hoping to get the message about sore throats.

I was sure I heard the sound of...

Walt: 1. write a narrative.
        2. use an impact beginning.

I was sure I heard the sound of something scream in a horrible voice. So Autymn and I ran outside to see what had happened. We searched everywhere, in the backyard, the rooms and under our beds. Still we didn’t find what we were looking for. Autymn had an idea. “Look in the shed,” Autymn suggested. So I looked, while Autymn followed behind. The shed was open, so I looked at Autymn with a terrifying face. She gave me the evils and looked down.

The moment she looked down, she ran inside and cried. So I looked down as well and saw my only cat (Scratch) lying on the ground. It was really sad, so I went into the room and cried with my sister.

“We have to get Scratch” cried Autymn. So we wiped our faces and went outside. Only a few more steps until we reach Scratch. We were terrified, it was like we were watching a scary movie. We looked at Scratch, she lied on the ground with her body shaking. Autymn and I had no clue, what had happened. So we went to our mum.

While walking to our mum we saw a black cat walking down our driveway very slow. He had received a fright, from us walking. We went to our mum, she was nowhere to be seen. Autymn started to cry again. I got annoyed from her crying. So I slapped her in the faced and told her to get over it. Out of nowhere a man came to our front door and asked if our cat was alright. Autymn fainted. “No good” I thought to myself. It was a big shock to hear that. So I went to shed with the man and showed him. Scratch is very sick, she may die.

I was sad but shocked at the same time. Also very unhappy. I couldn't believe it at that very moment. So I picked Scratch and took her inside. Autymn was still lying on the floor. I kicked her leg to see if she was still alive. After that kick she got up and said “my leg is sore.” She made space and got out of the way. I laid Scratch down and prayed. Out of nowhere tears fell from Scratch’s eyes. Autymn started to cry again. I got annoyed again and slapped in the face.

The man that came went home. I tried my very best to look after Scratch and Autymn. So I went into the my room and took a rest. After waking up I went back into the lounge and saw my cat lying there looking sad and weak. So I went to Scratch and held her in my arms.

Theme: Y.O.L.O Scratch.

Visit to Ruapotaka Marae

Here the minister of health is getting his throat checked. The nurse is getting ready for the swab. Room 11 went to Ruapotaka  Marae.

The Fire

Walt: write a narrative.

Looking at my friends and sister while they are swimming, I wonder to myself if a fire will ever start at a beach. So I called out to Autymn and asked her. She tried to ignore me, so I chased after her. Autymn fell over, so I decided to sit on her. “Do you think a fire would start” I asked her. Again she ignored me. Clear, Tainah and Claudia looked at us and laughed. I asked Autymn again, while Clear was holding a bucket full of salty water. She through it on me and laughed. “Hahahahahah” joined Claudia and Tainah. Autymn and I got up and grabbed the other buckets and filled them up with salt water.

As we were filling the buckets up a group of teenagers walked passed us, out of nowhere they poked the fingers. The buckets were full, so Autymn and I looked at each other and smiled. While smiling we through the water at them. “Don’t mess with us” Clear said. We all laughed and laughed. All of us couldn't believe what we did. So we returned back to our places and laid there. Tainah took out her lunch and ate it, she didn’t bother to share. Even though it was supposed to be a shared lunch.

I shared my thought about a fire starting with the girls. They all wondered while I was talking. “What do you think we should do if it really happens” asked Claudia. “Eat” said Tainah. The girls started to laugh. We all laughed and went for a swim. While running to the water, I saw two guys smoking. They looked drunk as well. They acted really stupid. So I carried on acting like I saw nothing but the water. Walking into the water I swam to Clear. “Yolo” roared Clear. I kept my eyes on the guys, one guy coughed and the other through his smoke onto the grass.

I couldn't believe it but smoke appeared minutes later. I told the girls. Fire bursted out of the grass. Everyone looked up and saw the raging fire. No one could believe it, they screamed while Tainah was still eating. I was the only one that knew who started the fire. Claudia tried thinking what we should do. Out of nowhere Autymn told us to grab the buckets we brought and to fill it up with water. So we raced to Tainah and told her to help us. We grabbed buckets and filled them up. We raced to the fire and tried taking it out. One by one we followed putting water on the fire.

3 minutes later Autymn had the final bucket, she poured it on the fire. It went out and it ended. Everyone clapped and cheered for us. We cried and cheered with them. Supporting ourselves as we went back to our places. Perspiring from running back and forth while we walked back. We were pleased that we saved the grass from burning. “My mum will be proud of me” everyone said at the same time. We are laughed and laughed. It was the best day we could have. On that day we were heroes.

Theme: Don’t Smoke.

Friday, 18 October 2013


This is us at Sports Camp playing basket ball and having a lot of fun.

Photos and Sentences

We are getting ready to eat, while Glen Innes School take photos.

Aiming for the target and trying there best to get it.

Having a laugh while Indoor soccer is playing.

Vision of my Future

Chant Competition

Walt: write a narrative.

“Undaleh undaleh we are G.I G.I oh, what’s happening now. Undaleh undaleh we are G.I G.I oh, what’s happening now” Glen Innes School screamed while walked into the auditorium. Who, United, Bethlehem College and Omokoroa stayed quiet. It was like they were rocks. Only one school carried on cheering and chanting. Glen Innes looked to the left of our school, there we saw Weymouth. The children of Weymouth were screaming and screaming. All of a sudden we had puzzled faces. Looking at each other funny and weird. Looking at them we chanted “I said Burn, it’s hot in here. It must G.I coming first this year, I said Burn, it’s hot in here. It must G.I coming first this year.”

Weymouth and their teachers asked if we wanted to have a chant challenge. We accepted that challenge, 5 seconds later Weymouth started the challenge off. They started it off with the chant “any competition, is the real competition, but the real competition’s Weymouth..U No.” After saying that chant Weymouth looked strong, scary and tough. That was the sign of us keeping calm and to carry on with our chants. “When I say Glen, you say Innes, Glen Innes, Glen Innes. When I say East, you say Side, East Side, East Side.” Weymouth looked at us and gave us the evils. So we gave the evils back.

Out of nowhere they started to chant “I said wow, it’s cool in here, it must be Weymouth in the whare this year, I said wow, it’s cool in here, it must be Weymouth in the whare this year.” They looked at us and said, U no. We started to freak out and wondered what chant we should sing. “Who are, who are who are we, G.I.G.I, who are, who are who are we, G.I.G.I, where we from, East Side.” When Weymouth looked at us they looked scared. It looked like they wanted to give up on us. So we repeated all the chants over and over until they gave up. Glen Innes chanted the last chant “We are the guys from the East Side ah ha ah ha, we are the guys from the East Side ah ha ah ha.” Weymouth gave up and wanted to be our friends.

We looked at them and ran to them. Everyone hugged them while the teachers from our school were introduced themselves to Weymouth teachers. On Thursday night Weymouth and Glen Innes girls came together and played and talked. It was the coolest day ever. U NO!

The theme of this story is to never ask for a competition when you know you are going to lose.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Types of News

In this graph here we have types of news. The types of news in this graph is Good, Bad, Mixed and Neutral. Mrs Ramkolowan gave us a sheet that we had to mark. It was either G (good), B (bad), M (mixed) and N (neutral). The most marked that Tainah and I did was Bad, Mixed and Neutral. The thing that I liked in this topic was choosing what graph I wanted. It was pretty hard typing in the Y title and the X title. So I asked Alisi if she can help, and she did.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Why can't I Win!

Walt: solve problems in statistics.

This game was very very easy. The point of this game was to choose a word that describes the text. As you can see these are the words that I chose. Some of it was a little hard, because I didn’t get it. I would really like Mrs Ramkolowan to give me more work on this kind of topic.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Probably a Favourite

Walt: solve problems in statistics.

In this game it was really easy. All you needed to do was to try and the same fraction. Once you have finished it will show you a drawing. Click on any tile and a fraction will appear. Try and remember where the fractions are. The challenging part of this for me was to remember the  places where the fractions were. I would really like Mrs Ramkolowan to give me more work on two way steam and leaf graphs. So I can get the hang of setting it out.

Friday, 13 September 2013


Walt: study skin infections.


Impetigo is a highly spreaded skin infection that spreads in schools. Impetigo is also called ‘school sores’. They call is school sores because it is common in schools and it spreads fast and quick. People that are most infected with impetigo are school children. Impetigo is mostly attracted to children not adults. It is caused by bacteria. The bacteria lives on the skin, in the throat and the nose. It can also occur when the skin is kept clean. Impetigo can also occur on healthy skin but it often happens when the skin is damaged or it has been scratched. To identify impetigo there will be reddish blisters that will burst and will leave large, red blotchy areas. You can also recognize it if you have blisters that are filling with pus and fluids.

Things I would if there was no T.V or Computers

The Terrible Techno Turn - Off

The author’s purpose is that if you have given a challenge you always need to finish it.

If I had to choose three things instead of watching TV or playing on the computer. It would be drawing or having a drawing competitions wit my brothers and sister. I would look after my nephew and hold. The last thing I would choose is to annoy my sister or to chew on bubblegum.

Internet Graphs

Walt: use percentages, fractions and decimals for probability .  

In this game all you have to do is to try and calculate the x’s. This game was pretty hard for me to play, because confusing and complex. It was hard for me because I didn’t get the language in this game. I started to get this game after a few questions. The next thing I would like to learn from Mrs Ramkolowan in my group is to try and make graphs on my netbook and to use the customize buttons.

Tony Williams

Walt: write a report on Tony Williams.

Tony Williams is an author, poet, comedian, director and a film maker. He is an author of 37 published books. Tony is highly entertaining educator and speaker. Tony visited over 500 schools in New Zealand. He is very eager to visit many more schools and to show students the English Haka. Tony writes books about mysteries.

Questions for Tony Williams

  • Why have you chosen to become an author?

  • Explain how you became an author?

  • What age were you when you become an author and why?

  • What inspired you to become an author?

  • Do you have any advice for younger authors?

  • Give us the name of your child’s favourite author?

  • Which one is the most difficult being a comedian or a film maker?

  • What university did you go to?

Spinning Game

Walt: estimate the probability of simple events using frequency tables.

In this game that the Orange group played I think it was unfair most of the times. I think it was unfair because the colour green had more parts on the wheel instead of the colour red. No, I think that because this game is unfair. Kelvin was the lucky one in the group. Kelvin was lucky because when he guested the number 7 he spun 7 reds out of 20 spins. The fraction of my wheel for the colour red was 9/20. The fraction for the colour green was 11/20. Another way to write ½ would be 0.5 and 50%. When Tainah and I changed the wheel into 5 parts the results were 22 reds and 8 greens in 30 spins. My guesses are not correct because the number of spins I chose were 12 for reds, but I ended up with the number 9.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Bright Ballons

Walt: Make predictions based on data collected. Identify all possible outcomes of an event. Assign probabilities to simple events using fractions.

I this game all you have to do is to try and find which type of balloons are most or least. Click on one of the balloons that the colours are in. When you have finished the game at the end you can colour in your own bright balloons.