Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Shape Game

In this game it is really simple. To me it is really simple because all you have to do is drag the moving shapes into the right area of where the shape goes to. The challenging part was when I has to grab the shapes while the shapes were moving. I would really like Mrs Ramkolowan to give more questions on this. So I could challenge my learning on angles and equal sides. Even if we had already learnt about this topic in maths.

Constructing A Pyramid

Walt: write a procedure to construct a pyramid.

What You Will Need:

  • A scissor
  • Compasses (one or two)
  • A3 sheet of paper (as much as you want)
  • A ruler
  • Sellotape (small strips of sellotape)
  • A partner (for help)
  • A pencil

Method For Pyramid:

Step 1: So you have to lay out your A3 sheet of paper.
Step 2: You get your ruler and you rule a 5 cm square.  
Step 3: When you have finished ruling off your square get your compass and turn it to 10cm.
Step 4: Put the metal part of your compass on the corners of your square and cut your arc.
Step 5: After mark the middle of your arc.
Step 6: Draw a straight line down to your square. Finish drawing your lines when finished.
Step 7: When you have finished drawing lines cut out you pyramid. (Cut to perfection).
Step 8: After cutting out pyramid, score the lines of your pyramid with scissor and ruler.
Step 9: Once you have finished scoring, you sellotape your pyramid together.


Walt: write an information report.

It was believed that the Egyptians built pyramids so that tombs can be kept inside after the Pharaoh has died. It was also believed that it was for Queens chambers. Pyramids were built for the protection of the deceased Pharaoh. It was also built for the final resting place for kings and queens that are dead. It was believed that while alive the Pharaoh represented Horus and Osiris. They had believed in the afterlife means the dead person will still be alive after death.

The Egyptians believed that if they had preserved the Pharaohs body it would come to life and rule once again in the afterlife. They believed that if they didn’t preserve the body it would rot and it will never come back to life ever again. They did this to stop them from drying out. The sand in Egypt was very hot so it will take away the moisture from them and it will not rot.

It took 100 000 slaves and 20-30 years to build a great pyramid for King Khufu. It will also take the same time and number of people to build a second great pyramid. The great third pyramid of Giza took about 15 years and 500 000 slaves to build a pyramid. So to build great pyramids for Kings and Queens it would take 15-30 years and 1 500 000 slaves to build three great pyramids. Most pyramids are built in Giza.

Ancient Egyptian - The Written Word

Walt: look for information.


1. The word “Hieroglyphics” is called “sacred carving” in Greek language.

2. When the ancient Greeks arrived in Egypt, they saw carvings carved on tombs and temple walls.

3. Hieroglyphics were symbols that represented everyday life and objects.

4. When time went past, new signs and symbols were created that represented very familiar sounds.

5. Number hieroglyphics were developed to calculate mathematical problems.


1. The scribe’s main tool was called a Kalamos, it was made from a six inch reed.

2. The end of the Kalamos was chewed by the scribe’s. The scribe’s chewed on the Kalamos so it will form into a brushlike tip.

3. It was believed that a scribe’s job was more similar to drawing and painting.


1. It was hardly a coincidence that the first examples of paper, called papyrus, was date from 3000 BC, the time when Egyptians began to write.

2. Papyrus, made from the plant papyrus, is a triangular - shaped reed that used to grow along the Nile River.

3. Although the earliest hieroglyphics were cut into stone monuments or inscribed onto clay tablets, both surfaces were hard to write on, heavy to transport, and difficult to store.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Google Lit Trips

View Glen Innes New Zealand in a larger map

I have been learning about certain places in Auckland. If you want to know more, click on the map and search for what you want.

Friday, 17 May 2013

The weekend that was:

Walt: write a recount.

My weekend was exciting, my weekend was boring, my weekend was the best.

Well first of all I went down the road with my mum so we could get some shopping. When she went shopping she took her scooter and she was riding on it in the shop. Mikayla was sad because she thought her mum was going to buy her something, but no she didn’t buy anything for her. So that was really boring.

The next day my mum, sister and I went to church. We all were saying prayers and we were reading the bible. My sister was really annoying and so was my friends but I got through all of them. That was the most boringness day ever, but then we had a feed.

On Sunday, I slept in the lounge. My sister and I were watching videos and was being lazy. Until I woke my mum up we had to end the videos and the feed. My mum went door knocking while we were cleaning up the house. When she came back my mum made cooked up some noodles, until my brother came down the hallway and he decided to go to Dress Mart. We bought some shoes and went to my aunt house.

The Author's Purpose

Walt: discuss the author's purpose.

The author’s purpose in this story is that Wylie was very hungry and he wanted to hunt something to eat. Maybe that when the author went on a hunt she or he wanted to eat something. When Wylie went to go and wait for the lizard. The author must of waited for what he or she wanted. So that is what I think the authors purpose is.

Wylie The Eagle

In a desert of Egypt a very majestic eagle was sitting above a huge and big pyramid. While he was sitting on the pyramid he felt a little hungry. The he got hungrier and hungrier while  time went past. He thought what he was going to eat, until he saw a plump, juicy lizard. He chased it, but he was too slow. The lizard had jumped between two big rocks. Wylie thought what he was going to do to get that lizard. He thought real hard, until the lizard's head popped up. Wylie went for the head, but was too slow.

Then after a while Wylie got really hungry at that moment. He was really starving, he flew away and landed on top of a pyramid. He looked around the place and searched for fish or animals. He looked and looked. Until he saw a hole bunch of animals and fish. We felt excited and hungry at the same time. So he opened his wings and flew down to do the animals and fish. While he was flying down with his beak pointed at the animals. He wanted to have a nice big fish from the Nile River.

Wylie was almost at the end. He saw a fish and caught. Wylie was so surprised. When he went and caught that fish Wylie had to think of a place to eat his fish. He flew up to the pyramid and ate his fish. When he was eating his fish he wondered what he was going to eat the next day.

Locate to Aliens

In this game the real challenge for me is to place the alien while the timer is going. The part when the alien was in the 0 lane was real hard as well. The easy part for me was when you had to answer the questions. My learning for this game is that I have learnt to always write down the x first. To challenge myself I would want more questions for me and my class work. That will be great work for me. The thing I would love to learn next is to add mixed fractions.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Walt: use our emotion to describe playing sport.

During this week on Tuesday, some girls played netball with me. I was really shocked when Mrs Ramkolowan had told the girls that we were playing St Mary’s Red, the semi finalist. The girls and I were really scared. I didn’t want to let the girls, Mrs Ramkolowan and Miss Maude down. So I really practised and practised real hard with the other girls. Then the time went past and it was time for us to go to the AMI Netball Courts.

I was really anxious and excited at the same time. We were on our way to the courts. I felt really sick then, I wanted to stay back. Then I breathed in and out and heard a song. I sang along with my friends and starting to calm down. Soon we had arrived to the courts, it so packed. People training and people playing each other. Now I was really scared and anxious. I hopped out of the car and we wandered off to the cafeteria. I saw no one there, but Miss Maude. I ran over to her and hugged. I started to get more happy at the time I was scared. Chloe told me who the St Mary’s girls were. It seemed alright because they were short. Time went passed and it was time for us to play.

The first half was really relaxing because I saw how bad they were. We had thirteen and they had neel. Then I started to feel alright about everything. It was the last half and I went on and played GA (goal attack). We played and I had a sore foot, so I felt really sore. We played and then we won our game. After that I felt really grateful. That was the best night ever, that had happen this weekend.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Three Questions

Walt: answer 3 questions.

What is the best time to do things?

To me, the best time to do things is when I have nothing to do or when days are really boring. Sometimes I even do things that I’m not supposed to do in my time. So the best time to do things is when I have spare time and when times are really boring.

Who is the most important person?

The most important person to me is my Uncle Raymond. He is the most important person to me because he is there for me and he cares for my family. Plus he is in hospital, so really he is the person that is important to me.

What is the right thing to do?

The right thing to do is to always pray for my uncle. To go and see him in the hospital and to check how he is 24/7. So that is the right thing to do for my uncle.

Build A Bug

I am learning to use standard place value to solve multiplication problems. The easy thing for me was answering timetables, additions, subtractions, multiplications and division questions. It was easy because I know the strategies to mathematics problems.  Answering the questions were very challenging, it was really fast was really difficult for me. If I asked my teacher, if she can give me difficult questions, I can challenge myself and I can improve my work. The thing I need to learn next is to add mixed fractions and to know more fraction sums.


Thoth is an Ancient Egyptian Myth. Shu, Ra, Newt, Geb, Thoth, Osiris and Isis are the characters played in this story. When Newt fell in love with Geb, Shu was jealous. He tried to keep them far apart so he turned Newt into the sky and turned Geb into earth. He also cursed Newt with barrenness. There were no days of the year for her to give birth. Until Thoth the god of the moon, time and measurement took pity on Newt and Geb. He challenged the reigning gods to a game of dice. He won and he wanted a prize of 5 days so he could give it to the goddess of the sky Newt. The five were not apart of any month of the year the cursed was not under Shu. Thus was able to use them to produce children. My learning of this story is that Thoth is an Ancient Egyptian Myth.


Watch the rain as it falls
The phone is ringing how many calls
Can you see the bubbles
Pooping in the puddles

Rain is heavy enough
Sometimes it can get rough
It’s making floods today
Please come back another day

I hear it clap when it hits a window
As I my head lays upon my pillow
My friends are playing in the rain
It’s freezing, are you insane

Hear the noise when I sleep
Sometimes it gives me the creeps
Puddles rising and rising
This is really advising

Drains flooded
The sky must be cold-blooded
The birds needs shelter
It might be a cluster

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Island in Paradise

Walt: write a creative story in paragraphs.

In my island of Paradise, there will be many things to explore and to discover. Things that you don’t go to that much. The minimum of people allowed at my island is 110. That 110 is only for my family and all my friends around the world. The name of my island is Noname. I would have my island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so you can fly by private plane. There will be no sharks so you can swim there, if you are allowed.

On one side of my island I would have pools the size of an olympic pools and wave pools. Beaches as well so people can swim and relax in the pools and beaches. Also in my island there will be shopping malls, food courts, a toilet areas, hotels, motels and mansions. If you want to sleep or vacation there you can call in into the hotels and motels, or you can even camp in the camping site. At my island there will be 3 music hotels, music around the world. Two movie hotels, movies all around the world plus 3 lolly hotels. There will also be private schools for people who still want to learn.

The other half of my island there will be fountains, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, and mountains. I want that in my island so people can hike and they can see creatures they haven’t seen before. Plus hiking is one of my favourite thing to do, so I want other people to hike as well. With that as well there will be sport stadiums. Game parks, Lazer Strike, Raindowends and Rollercoasters. In the mountains there will be playgrounds and jungle gyms. If you don’t want to walk you can always use the escalators or elevators. But when you finish your hike you always get money.  

And on the other side of my island there will be an ice skating park, a car park and a 2 Dollar Shop. There will also be a zoo for you to see different animals. You will get to see different kinds of animals. If you are lucky enough you may get to touch the animals. At the 2 dollar shop you can buy whatever you want. Because there is everything in that you want in that shop. So there will be an ice skating, a car park and a 2 dollar shop waiting for you.

The only thing is this it is not real and it is only a huge dream. Only if it was real because I will be real famous. If I had one wish it will be to make my island of paradise come true.