Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cats Whiskers

Walt: write an explanation.

How does your cat get through a hole? Well, when a cat is trying to go through a hole the whiskers will know if it can fit in it or not. If the cats whiskers touch both sides of the holes that means it cannot fit, but if it’s whiskers don’t touch the sides of the hole, it means it can fit through the hole.

Cats have feelings just like us human beings. You could tell how they are feeling if you look at its whiskers . When the cats whiskers point straight out it means they're interested in something. If the cats whiskers look normal it means that they are relaxed and happy. If their whiskers are back it means they are scared and threaten of something.

Whiskers are formed in the cats face where all it’s nerves are. It’s helps the cats to pick up tiny air movements. There are also whiskers behind each leg of a cat. It helps the cats to know what the rat are doing.

Cats need whiskers. Don't play with their whiskers because it will feel really annoying. Never cut of their whiskers. They’ll feel lost without them. It’s just like us not having any fingers or toes. So be careful when around you are around cats.

So this all means that cats whiskers are vital to all cats. You should always look after you cats whiskers no matter what.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


During this game I was really confuse, because I didn't know where to answer the question. Then after it ha loaded I knew what I was doing. This game was really easy for me because all you are doing is timing the numbers and then you add them together which gives you the answer. Next I would like to learn how to use multiplication. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Junk Pile

I am practising my multiplication.

In this game it was really easy for me. The questions were about fractions, multiplication, addition and subtraction. There were all sorts of questions. Some  were easy and some  hard. The complex thing for me was stacking junk on top of each other. I knew this very well because it was in my basic facts test. It was also hard by answering the correct answer in a very short time. The strategy I used was saying the multiples of 5 which  was right. I would really like to get 100% in my next sumdog game.

Explanation: Swimming

Walt: explain what is done before swimming ..

At Glen Innes school swimming is very important. Students try really hard to learn  to swim. In case of someone drowning they would know what to do. This is very important for schools, families and most of all students or children. Supervision is also important. Everyone needs to learn how to swim 25 m.

First of all, pupils need to change into their togs because wearing normal clothes will be heavy for them to swim. Plus normal clothes slows you down when you swim.

Secondly, children must have a shower before entering into the pool. Only because it stops the chlorine from burning your skin.

Lastly, you always enter the pool correctly. You always enter from the ladder because students may think the pool is shallow or deep. Plus you need little kids to feel comfortable in the pool ..

Glen Innes school is the only school that has a swimming pool of their own. Also Glen Innes students have been using the pool for special occasions like pool parties. Room 11 and 12 also use the pool for training when we go to sports camp.