Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Visit To St Pius X

Dear Mrs Moodley

Thank you very much for letting Room 11 come to St Pius, so your class can teach us some ukulele tunes. Room 11 really appreciates what you did for us. I think your class should teach Glen Innes School the ukulele. For some reasons I thought it was going to boring, but since I saw Daisure it was really inspiring. After we came back I still had the vibe in me, so it was hard to get it out of my head. Well anyway Room would love to come to your class next year. I hope your class can give us some lessons.

( P.S Ask Mrs Ramkolowan if you want to come to our concert. )

Yours sincerely


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

At the beginning of Term 2 I felt really excited when I was getting my netbook. The netbook has been very handy to me because we can play on the internet. The netbook encourages me to learn more because it lets me learn from my mistakes.

The netbook is like having $10.00 each day to me. Having the netbook for the first term is was really scary because I was afraid if someone will drop it. But now I'm getting use to my netbook. The netbook is more easier to type with instead of writing and rubbing out and sharpening your pencil. It is more easier for me to understand.

The annoying stuff about my netbook is the wireless connection. Even though you click the wireless button a thousand times it still won't work, so that is really annoying. On my netbook there is a distraction, it's the games and the YouTube. Some people were off task because their netbook was a distraction. Room11 always wanted to play on their netbook, because they wanted to play on games or listen to music. To me I thought it was an addiction.

The most interesting thing about my netbook is that you get to chat to your friends. The netbook has been an interesting gadget because we can type, we can search and we can talk to our friends. But the most interest thing about my netbook is we can Learn, Create, Share. I love my netbook more than family. My netbook is the most interesting thing that I ever had.

My goals that I need to earn next year is to take care of my netbook and to figure out things myself.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Sharing is Caring

Walt: learn, create, share.

Early this week I did a power point for Room 1 and 2. My power point was based on animal features. What I did was take photos and turn it into a book. The thing that was hard for me was trying to get the kids attention. I think they were looking at Alisi’s power point. The kids loved it when they were holding my net book. Poiva and I were reading the power point together.  The fun part was when Poiva and I had to guess what animal we were talking about.  I wish that I could show other people in the world my power point and read it to them.

Friday, 9 November 2012

A scary start

Walt: write a story in sequence.

One misty dawn morning Jelsma was full of fright. He told his friend Tan-Charlie that he was pusillanimous. He felt like disgorging in the bathroom.

After a little while Mikayla had told Jelsma to be calm and relaxed. That when he finishes his spectacular jump Mikayla will buy him anything. Jelsma was so scared that he said he had huge eels sloping in his stomach. Mikayla felt sorry. Tan-Charlie told Jelsma that is was going to be okay only if he follows the instructions right.

Mary asked if Jelsma was ready to jump. “There is no time to talk you have to jump now” Jalal said. “You are going to be alright” said Tan-Charlie. Jelsma was ready to jump, but he told Jalal that he was filled with extreme fear and was shivering. That was a huge problem for Jelsma. But luckily Tan-Charlie and Mikayla was always encouraging him no matter what.

So Jelsma wiped his face and slapped himself clean. He was not scared any more, because we all encouraged him. Off went Jelsma as he flew with excitement. He felt like he already finished his jump. Jelsma was almost at the finish point until he pulled a string to let his parachute free. But suddenly he landed in some spice country.

Suddenly Jelsma smelt and saw spices. He thought he was in South Africa until he saw this sign saying “Welcome to South Africa”. Jelsma thought it was a nightmare until he woke up. It was all a dream he said to his self. “Oh no, it’s my jump today” screamed Jelsma.

The theme of this story is to never give up and to always give it a try.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It was amazing

On a Thursday evening the year 6 and 7 children came to school for a fantastic disco, everyone was crazy. The songs that were popular in our Blue Light Disco was Gangnam style, Boom Boom and Teach me how to Dougie. The most coolest part was when Britney and Robin had a dance battle. Britney won because girls are the best. I really hope we have another disco very soon.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

G.I.S. Don't Be Late


G.I.S. don’t be late
G.I.S. grab you mate
Roar so we can hear
Come on, forget about the gingerbeer.

Someone is crying
Someone is trying
We need to do our best
So we can win a treasure chest.

Come on we need to get in the game
Because there is no shame in our name.
Let me hear your voice
You  have no choice.

G.I.S. don’t be late
G.I.S. grab you mate
Roar so we can hear
Come on, forget about the gingerbeer.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Survey and Report

Walt: write a report about your survey.

Survey and Report

A few weeks ago I went to girls to find out what was their favourite dresswear?. My target was to go to the middle school and the  seniors.  I surveyed about 50 children and teachers at Glen Innes School.

The results revealed  most  liked Skinny Jeans. The least popular was Long Dresses. It must be unpopular because it is old fashion. On my survey it  other came second, short came third and skirts came fourth.

I fervently think that people liked Skinny Jeans because it is new fashion. I used excel to do my graph. My data was represented in a coloumn graph.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Weird and Wacky Food Festivals

Walt: write a summary.

Weird and Wacky Food Festivals
The three food festivals that I have chosen are Tunarama Festival, Cheese Rolling Festival and the Radish Festival.
The Tunarama Festival is when you have to throw a large piece of tuna.  The person who throws the tuna  the furthest wins a prize.  It is held in Port Lincoln, Australia on the 26th of January. The world’s record was 40 yards. It was set in 1998 by a worldchampion, Sean Carlin. Sean Carlin was the Olympic Hammer Thrower.  People have this festival so they can celebrate the sea.

The Cheese Rolling Festival is a tradition.  It has been around for at least 200 years.  The festival is held in England.  The Cheese Rolling Festival event is held on the Spring bank at Coopers, England.   A huge chunk of Gloucester cheese is rolled down to the bottom of a very high hill.  Then participants have to chase after it.  The first person at the finish line will win the Gloucester cheese.

The Radish Festival is held in Mexico each year on the 23rd of December at night.  Spanish brought radishes to Mexico in 16th century.  That is how Mexico got the idea.  The Radish Festival is about people carving sculptures out radishes.  Sculptures are linked to  Christian stuff.  This is a festival because Mexico is encouraging people to eat their vegetables and fruits.  The festival is celebrated for hundreds of years.  The festival doesn't last long because the radishes won't last long.

I would really like to have the Tunarama Festival in Glen Innes.   But instead we can throw large pumpkins.  I really want to have the Tunarama Festival in Glen Innes so I could beat Sean Carlin’s world record.  Possibly I know Jelsma would win the prize.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Thank you

Dear Chris Wood

Thank you very much for donating food for our lunch. I really appreciate the groceries you've given to Glen Innes School. Our school is really thankful for what you have done. We wouldn't of had sandwich making without you and Mr. Naidoo.

I really enjoyed the the part when all my friends encouraged me to eat my lettuce. I really hate lettuce and I have never ever put lettuce in my sandwiches before. From now on I put will healthy ingredients in my sandwich. I can't wait until next Thursday. You really inspired me to eat healthy sandwiches.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Message To Valerie

Val, I think you have inspired me.  Be proud of yourself.  You are the best shot putt athlete that I have ever seen.  Glen Innes School is extremely proud of you.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A message to the Olympic Triathlon Team (NZ)

Triathlon Team (Men and Women)

Go hard triathlon team. I hope you guys come first place. I am really proud of you guys. Do me a favour, aim for the GOLD MEDALS. I fervently wish you Good Luck.

Friday, 27 July 2012

I Really Appreciate It

Dear Mum

Thank you very much for paying for  my netbook. I really appreciate all the things you have done for me. Here are three reasons why I really appreciate it.

Firstly, in my writing, my netbook can help me to write more descriptive words and it helps me to write more and more instead of short paragraphs.

Secondly, in my reading it helps me to read more confidently and to read long and difficult words without me asking my friends for help.

Last of all, in my maths it can help me with ordering my fractions. It could also help me with my decimals and percentages.

I really care about my netbook because it is really important to me. I also care about my work and how it is done.

So thank you very much mum for paying for my netbook and for taking care of all the paperwork.

Your child

P.S. I will give you a huge hug for this Mum