Monday, 12 May 2014

We need mouth guards when playing sports

Walt: write a persuasive speech.

Mouthguards are flexible devices made out of soft plastic, that is used for our mouths. Mouthguards help protect our teeth, which is very important. In some sports using mouthguards are optional, but in aggressive sports is it mandatory, which means we have no choice. Therefore I think we should wear have our mouthguard with us, when playing sports. To support this, here are 3 reasons why we need mouth guards when playing sports.

Using a mouth guard will prevent injuries. Wearing a mouth guard helps chips, cracks, and knockouts from happening. Mouth guards support your teeth in hard, aggressive sports. Athletes who don’t have the time to wear a mouthguard, are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth. This is especially important for children who wear braces.

The cost doesn’t matter when it comes to buying a mouth guard. The cost of buying a mouth would only be $5 - $25, but when it comes to paying an injury bill it would cost $200 or more. That is a waste of money, you could probably spend $200 on food for the family. Buying a mouth guard doesn’t take that much time, but when dealing with an injury, it takes up the time that is needed. So remember, buying a mouth will only take a few minutes and a few dollars.

We should always wear a mouthguard when training or when playing sports. The reason for that is to stop the possibility of contact to the face. Wearing a mouthguard is just as important as having the correct shoes, the correct gear, and the correct equipment. So people who are playing sports all the time should always carry their mouth guard with them.

Naturally I feel that we everyone should have a mouthguard when playing sports. It keeps their teeth protected, and no one would have missing teeth.


Munokoa said...

Good morning Mikayla. I have read your story about mouth guards I had a look at your picture too it is cool and I hope I could do that too.

Mele said...

Hi Mikayla
I like your writing about we need mouth guard when playing spots. I like your pitcher about the mouth guard it looks cool and different colours.

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